What Services Do Local Moving Companies Offer?

Most local moving companies offer the option of providing all the necessary equipment and supplies for your move, even if you choose to pack your own belongings. Professional packing services are a popular feature of full-service moving companies, but they can add to the overall cost of the move. If you decide to go the DIY route, you will be responsible for any breakages that occur during the move. Full-service moving companies can also help with transporting valuable items such as artwork, wine collections, and even pets.

They will provide special packaging materials and ensure that your items are moved safely. The length of time it takes to complete a move depends on the size of your home, the distance you are moving, and the scope of the move. Most apartments or small houses can be packed and moved in one or two days, while larger homes may take several days. Accredited long-distance moving companies are more likely to honor claims for damage or loss if they have already packed your items. Professional full-service providers will offer an appraisal coverage option which provides total value protection from packaging to delivery.

This is why many local moving companies will ask for an estimate of how many boxes and pieces of furniture you have before giving you a quote. If you value having someone else handle the move for you and the time-saving benefits of having a professional moving company pack your belongings and transport them to your new home, then it may be worth it. Full moving assistance service is another way of saying “comprehensive moving help” or “all inclusive”. A local move is generally kept within a 50-mile radius, while a move beyond that distance would be considered a long-distance move, even if it is still within the same state. When hiring local moving companies, you should be aware of the average cost in order to recognize any signs of fraud. At Bellhop, we provide customized moving services and connect you with the best local moving companies near you.

Keep in mind that local moving prices are based on the time it takes for movers to complete their work, not on weight and distance.

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