Do Local Moving Companies Provide Furniture Assembly Services?

Yes, moving companies can provide furniture assembly services. Whether you're relocating locally or nationally, it's important to consider this service for a stress-free moving experience. Professional movers can assemble and disassemble your furniture, but it's best to have an open line of communication with them to make sure you're on the same page. Using this service has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of move.

For a local move (less than 100 miles), moving companies will charge their normal hourly rates. However, for a long-distance move, it won't be the same crew that will disassemble your items as the one that reassembles them, so you'd better do it yourself. Keep track of all loose screws, parts, and instructions. Also, remember to pack the pieces and label them correctly.

You can significantly reduce the chance of your furniture being damaged during the move if you take it apart before the move. If you're unable to do it yourself, you can hire a professional furniture assembler to assemble your furniture. The best way to find a furniture assembly professional in your area is to do an online search and compare professionals. Moving companies will not remove anything that is attached to the wall or ceiling with bolts or screws, such as curtain rods, shelves and lamps.

Ask your professional moving company if they offer these additional services when you get your quote and let them know if you will need these services at one or both ends of the move. Dismantling furniture beforehand can reduce the size of the moving truck you need and lower the overall cost of the move. Local moves are usually booked within 30 days of the requested move date, so it's important to coordinate specific details with the moving company so that they know what is expected of them on the day of the move.

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