What Equipment Do Local Moving Companies Use to Move Your Belongings?

When you're planning a move, it's important to know what kind of equipment local moving companies use to make the process easier and more efficient. Professional movers use a variety of tools and supplies to help them move your belongings safely and quickly. From lifting straps to moving blankets, here's a look at the essential equipment used by local moving companies.

Lifting Straps

- Lifting straps are an essential tool for any move.

They make it easier and faster to load and unload boxes, furniture, and bulky objects. If something is too large to fit through the front door, don't worry - most professional movers have towing platforms that can transport everything from heavy furniture to stacked boxes from your home to the truck.

Moving Blankets

- Moving blankets are incredibly versatile tools for any move. They can protect furniture, other belongings, floors, walls, and other surfaces during the move.

Moving blankets are often used to cover and protect furniture from scratches and dust during and after the move. They're also great for wrapping fragile objects like lamps and mirrors so they stay intact during the move.

Rolling Platforms

- Rolling platforms are essential pieces of equipment for any move. They make it easier to move large, heavy furniture between your home and the moving truck.

You can buy or rent rolling platforms from a local moving company or truck rental company.

Mobile Harness System

- The mobile harness system is a great tool for two people to lift and move heavy household objects like furniture and appliances that would be difficult or impossible to lift on their own.

Furniture Sliders

- Furniture sliders are plastic or hard rubber parts that make it easier to move heavy furniture with ease. You can find them at specialty stores like Home Depot or Walmart, or you can buy or rent them from a local moving company or truck rental agency.

Moving Straps and Ropes - Moving straps and ropes are essential for any move. You can get them at Home Depot, a local moving company, or a truck rental agency.

Work Gloves

- Work gloves may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to moving equipment, but they're essential for protecting yourself from injuries and avoiding accidents during the move.

Shrink Film

, Adhesive Tape, and Boxes - These consumables are used during each move and should be purchased before the day of the move.

You can buy them at specialty stores or from a local moving company. If you're planning a move, it's important to know what kind of equipment local moving companies use so you can be prepared. From lifting straps to rolling platforms, these tools will help make your move easier and more efficient.

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