Wisdom of the Cows  May 18, 2012

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“Seeds of Deception” book by Jeffrey Smith.

In 1998, Howard Vlieger harvested both natural corn and a genetically modified Bt variety on his farm in Maurice, lowa. Curious about how his cows would react to the pesticide- producing Bt corn, he filled one side of his sixteen-foot trough with the Bt and dumped natural corn on the other side. Normally, his cows would eat as much corn as was available, never leaving leftovers. But when he let twenty-five of them into the pen, they all congregated on the side of the trough with the natural corn. When it was gone, they nibbled a bit on the Bt, but quickly changed their minds and walked away. A couple of years later, Vlieger joined online casino games a room full of farmers in Ames, lowa to hear presidential candidate A1 Gore. Troubled by Gore's unquestioning acceptance of GM foods, Vlieger asked Gore to support a recently introduced bill in congress requiring that GM foods be labeled. Gore replied that scientists said there is no difference between GM and non-GM foods. Vlieger said he respectfully disagreed and described how his cows refused to eat the GM corn. He added, “My cows are smarter than those scientists were.” The room erupted in applause. Gore asked if any other farmers noticed a difference in the way their animals responded to GM food. About twelve to fifteen hands went up.'

Wisdom of the Cows

“If a field contained GM and non-GM maize, cattle would always eat the non-GM first.” -Gale Lush, Nebraska
“A neighbor had been growing Pioneer Bt corn. When the cattle
were turned out onto the stalks they just wouldn't eat them.” – Gary Smith, Montana
“While my cows show a preference for open-pollinated corn over
the hybrid varieties, they both beat Bt-corn hands down.” – Tim Eisenbeis, South Dakota

According to a 1999 Acres USA article, cattle even broke through a fence and walked through a field of Roundup Ready corn to get to a non-GM variety that they ate. The cows left the GM corn untouched.