Monsatano has specialized products ever made.

For over 100 years, Monsatano has specialized in producing the most toxic chemicals ever made.

– Dioxins
– PCBs
– Pesticides
– Herbicides
– Agent Orange
– Saccarin
– Aspartame
– rBGH

These chemicals have poisoned the entire planet and caused unimaginable death, disease and environmental devastation.

DDT was touted as perfectly safe by Monsatano even though it well knew that it would decimate wildlife.

Due to the ‘lobbying’ and lying by Monsatano it took more than 20 years to ban DDT.

Despite the ban, DDT is still a major component of some pesticides.

In Anniston, Alabama, Monsatano dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into leaking pits and streams for over 40 years, with the full knowledge that PCBs were highly toxic and making locals sick.

Monsatano watched on as children swam in the streams, became sick and died.

Morticians wondered why they were burying so many kids.

Monsatano sold a defoliant called Agent Orange to the US Military for use in Vietnam.

The shipments were deliberately contaminated with very high levels of dioxin.

Millions of gallons of Agent Orange were sprayed on Vietnam for more than 9 years.

As a result, more than 500,000 Vietnamese children have been born with horrific birth defects.

While hundreds of millions of dollars have been allocated to compensate US soldiers impacted by the spraying. Not a penny has been spent by the US govt.l or Monsatano to help the many victims in Vietnam.

G.D. Searle, former subsidiary of Monsatano, produces aspartame, an artificial sweetner found in most low calorie & diet foods.

Aspartame was known to produce brain cancer, hair loss, asthma, seizures, obesity and death when it was approved by the FDS, against the wishes of the FDA’s own scientists.

Recently a more toxic version of aspartame called neotame has been approved by the FDA to be secretly added to organic food.

Genetic modification makes it possible for farmers to use more glyphosate herbicide.

Glyphosate (Roundup) is known to cause cancer & birth defects and has been linked to a deadly new pathogen that is altering soil’s ability to support life.