Damned to hell if they buy Monsatano products and are damned if they don’t.

Farmers in North America have few options when it comes to dealing with the Satan of corporations, Monsatano. They are damned to hell if they buy its products and are damned if they don’t.

Monsatano wants to control the seed supply and ultimately the food supply, in order to achieve this, Mosatano spend $10 million each year to investigate and sue small farmers for patent laws.

Monsatano’s goons target any farmer who isn’t buying its products by threatening them with a lawsuit for patent infringement.  Because most Monsatano seeds are genetically engineered and patented and the patented DNA is spread through the air to non-Monsatano crops a farmer has no idea of their fields contain any Monsatano DNA or not. Few can afford to fight for their rights in court and those who have tried have generally faced injustice from a corrupt court system.  So most Farmers sell their souls and sign onto Satan’s program of high-jacking and contaminating the world’s food supply.