Take over food supply without public knowledge and consent

A foreword by Frances Moore Lappè, From the “Seeds of Deception” book by Jeffrey Smith, lies a big question, “What do genetically modified seeds have to do with democracy?”, and the answer is “Everything”.

“Think about it: None of us called for genetic manipulation of seeds. No not one of us said, yes, this new technology will benefit me, my family, and my community. Just as with the risks of feedlot beef, now contributing to heart disease, groundwater depletion, antibiotic resistance, and more, no citizens were asked to weigh the risks of GMOs against possible gains. Yet today most of us are eating them, while kept completely in the dark as to the hazards we may be facing-for ourselves, our children, and the farming ecosystems on which our lives depend.”

“How we’ve been forced without our knowledge-as “our” government rejects citizen demands for labeling-to consume staple foods that have been virtually untested as to their effect on our health.”

Occupy media with “lies”

Media were targeted heavily to plug out intensive pro-biotech campaign by industries, particularly in the United States. So to say, only a few could get in their way on GM health concerning risks because of their counter-lies propaganda.

An example taken from “Seeds of Deception”:

When Monsanto’s Bob Collier was asked why rbGH had not been approved in Europe he said the European Union “approved it technically from a safety standpoint, but the dairy policy there was such that they still have price supports . . . it proved to be a moratorium based on market issues not health issues.”

But the real issue was a “health problem regarding rbGH implication”. A statement from Agriculture Committee of the European Commission to the director of FDA and was dubbed by Bob Collier was “Consumers in the European Community and their representatives in the European Parliament are apparently much more concerned about the unresolved human health issues related to recombinant Bovine Somatotropin than your agency was when it authorized the product.