The core purpose of this website is to EDUCATE increasing numbers of people about the hazards of GMOs and to aware them of the companies and people who supported this inhuman act.

GMOs effect to humans
GMO may be very harmful to Humans the same way on the implications of the animals because GMOs saturate our diet. Over 80% of all processed foods contain them as well as rice, corn, soybeans, soy products, vegetable oils, soft drinks, salad dressings, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meat, and other animal products plus an array of hidden additives and ingredients in products like tomato sauce, ice cream and peanut butter alike.

How GMOs been hidden to the public?
Because labeling in America is prohibited, consumers don’t know what they’re eating or the risks from foods they believe safe. It makes everyone part of a mass human experiment, the results of which are unknown. Health problems may take years to show up. They’ll be no way to trace the cause, and they may be serious, irreversible, and potentially life threatening.