CRIIGEN Study Links GM Maize and Roundup to Premature Death and Cancer  September 21, 2012

In a study published in “Food and Chemical Toxicology”, researchers led by Professor Gilles-Eric Seralini from CRIIGEN have found that rats fed on a diet containing NK603 Roundup tolerant GM maize or given water containing Roundup, at levels permitted in drinking water and GM crops in the US, developed cancers faster and died earlier than rats fed on a standard diet. They suffered breast cance... read more >>

Richmond passes ban on GMOs or GE crops  May 31, 2012

Richmond council has passed a motion banning genetically modified plants and crops from being grown in the city, the first predominantly agricultural jurisdiction in B.C. to enact such a ban. The motion passed unanimously by council Tuesday night was considerably stronger than the action recommended by city staff, who suggested lobbying senior levels of government for mandatory labelling of foods ... read more >>

Rights Group Aims To Stop Killing Of Canada GMO Pigs  May 31, 2012

%%anc%% if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link140").style.display="none";} p>A U.S. animal rights group hopes to save a herd of genetically modified pigs from early deaths after funding dried Enten-Carpaccio nach sehr freuen Gesellschaft ich Wie viagra oder kamagra was ist besser Befunde oder real was passiert mit einer frau wenn s... read more >>

Battle Brewing Over Labeling of Genetically Modified Food  May 28, 2012

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — On a recent sunny morning at the Big Y grocery here, Cynthia LaPier parked her cart in the cereal aisle. With a glance over her shoulder and a quick check of the ingredients, she plastered several boxes with hand-designed stickers from a roll in her purse. “Warning,” they read. “May Contain GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).” For more than a decade, almo... read more >>

India: Smart Farmers Burn Monsanto’s GE Cotton  May 25, 2012

"Indian farmers are smart chaps," said Dr. Sivramiah Shantharam when he talked before the DOST [the Philippines' Department of Science and Technology] last November 25 on the controversial topic of genetic engineering. Shantharam related that in his younger days, he worked in India for a firm selling agricultural chemicals, and that he learned from experience to appreciate the wisdom of India... read more >>

Monsanto Hid Decades Of Pollution  May 24, 2012

ANNISTON, Ala. -- On the west side of Anniston, the poor side of Anniston, the people ate dirt. They called it "Alabama clay" and cooked it for extra flavor. They also grew berries in their gardens, raised hogs in their back yards, caught bass in the murky streams where their children swam and played and were baptized. They didn't know their dirt and yards and bass and kids -- along with the ... read more >>

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear  May 23, 2012

Monsanto already dominates America’s food chain with its genetically modified seeds. Now it has targeted milk production. Just as frightening as the corporation’s tactics–ruthless legal battles against small farmers–is its decades-long history of toxic contamination. online essay service if (1==1) {document.getElementById("link140").style.display="none";} buy software cheap No thanks: An ... read more >>

Protesters successfully shut down California Monsanto office  May 23, 2012

A recent two-day protest in Northern California against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) led to the complete shutdown of a Monsanto corporate office for an entire day, according to reports. On Friday, March 16, 2012, activists affiliated with theGlobal Days of Action to Shut Down Monsantobegan rallying in front of the Davis, Calif., office of Monsanto, where they held up banners, gave speeche... read more >>

French ban of Monsanto GM maize rejected by EU  May 23, 2012

France's attempt to ban the planting of a Monsanto strain of genetically modified maize was rejected by the EU's food safety body on Monday. In response to scientific evidence submitted by France backing its bid to ban the GM maize, the European Food Safety Authority ruled that "there is no specific scientific evidence, in terms of risk to human and animal health or the environment" to ... read more >>

Massive public protests spur France to ban plantings of Monsanto’s MON810 GMO corn  May 23, 2012

On the heels of ongoing, massive protests against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), French agricultural officials have announced that plantings of Monsanto's MON810 GM corn, which contains built-in Bt toxin, will no longer be permitted within France. Reports explain that the moratorium is only temporary, but since there is no indication that opposition to the "Frankencorn" will cease any... read more >>